Madrid on Thursday 2.14

14 Feb

We had quite the adventure today – you will be able to see how many steps we took!  We started off in Sol, walked over to the Plaza Mayor, toured the Royal Palace, and took a nice stroll, at marathon pace, in Madrid!

Royal Palace

Here is what Stephanie had to say about the Royal Palace:

“There was a  cool dressing room for the king that could be removed.  There was also a gigantic dining room that could seat 140 people.  Later we had tapas for lunch and went to plaza mayor.”

Here is what Laura had to say about Madrid:

“We had been walking a lot around Madrid.  In the middle of looking for a restaurant, some of us got very hungry and almost resorted to eating at McDonald’s.  However, we found our inner travelers and ended up having tapas after finally finding La Palza Mayor, being, of course, serenaded by a scarf-adorning European guitarist.”



One Response to “Madrid on Thursday 2.14”

  1. susan price (@twinsbless) February 19, 2013 at 6:47 am #

    í Qué maravilloso! Ustedes están haciendo mucho durante este viaje. Las fotografías son muy lindas.

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