The First Weekend

10 Feb


“When we first got to Spain we were greeted by the Spaniards at the airport.  After talking for a little while we got onto the bus to go from Madrid to Villalba.  When we got home we watched the tv for a while and then had lunch. After lunch I unpacked my clothes and got ready for our party.  The party was definitely different from American parties. At about 11 we headed home. The next day we took the train to Madrid and saw a bunch of stuff. We were there from 12-9. We did some sightseeing and got lunch and walked around some more and took lots of pictures.  That night after getting home I took a shower and went to bed to get some sleep for school the next day. At school we went to a few classes and then explored Villalba later that night. ”

photo 1



On Monday, we went to El Escorial. Although we couldn’t go inside because it was closed, the outside was beautiful! The architecture is so interesting and the weather was perfect when we went. El Escorial is the old royal palace and it was originated by King Phillip II. The architect was Juan de Herrera and it was built in the 16th century. It’s considered the 8th wonder of the world because of its size and complexity. Behind the palace is a green area which resembles a maze. It was built at the beginning for the royal family and all the Kings of Spain and their families are buried inside the building. Nowadays this palace is a very popular touristic site for people and is currently occupied by male friars.”



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