10 Feb


“This is Toledo, the place where we went today. It is a gorgeous area filled with small towns and cobble roads and side shops. It is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been too. If I could I would love to live there. It seems so secluded from the modern world, and is so antique. In it we visited the house of Greco, saw his paintings, and visited the most important cathedral in Spain, and a synagogues and learned so much about them thanks to Ramon. It was an overall amazing experience. I also learned how to bargain. 🙂

This is a picture of part of the church in Toledo. It was beautiful, and the art inside and outside was amazing. It took about 300 years to make, and it is the most important church in Spain. Christianity was the main religion in Spain for a while. Other religions, such as the Jews, were kicked out of Spain and not allowed to practice. Now however, the synagogue and the church live peacefully together.”


“On Tuesday, the Americans and many of the Spaniards travelled to Toledo for the day. The picture depicts how large the city is, but it doesn’t do the city justice for its beauty! We walked through El Zocodover and shopped during our free time, but most of the time was spent touring various famous sites like La Catedral y La Sinogoga. These sites were so unique and the architecture was beautifully done. Both places had their own character based on their religion, but they were similar in many ways. We also sung the National Anthem for fun on stairs that were near the cathedral and people took pictures of us as we did so. It was so fun and we had many laughs as well!”


“Today, we visited Toledo. Toledo is an ancient city in Spain, and a beautiful one might I add. This painting is “El Entierro del Conde de Orgaz” by El Greco (aka Domenikos Theotokopoulos). “El Greco” translates to “the Greek” in Spanish. El Greco was an artist from Greece who studied and painted in Spain. El Entierro del Conde de Orgaz is one of his most famous paintings of the death of the Count of Orgaz. In his paintings, he liked to show a distinct line between the real world and the spiritual world. He also liked to paint himself into pictures. He in the man in all black to the left of the painting. His son is painted in the front, kneeling down next to the Count. I was lucky enough to sneak a picture of the painting because photographs were not allowed. Oops. Another famous painting of El Greco is “Vista de Toledo”. Our first stop was at this view that Greco saw when he created this painting. It was breathtaking. Toledo is a very beautiful place. We all had a wonderful time.”






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