23 Feb



“During my trip to Spain, I visited Madrid three times. The first time I went was our first full day in Spain. The buildings are very old and beautiful. I was amazed by all of the people there. We went with a big group of people and everyone had a great time. The second time was when we visited El Palacio de Real. The royal palace was one of my favorite places we visited out of the whole trip. The place was HUGE! And all of the rooms were absolute beautiful. Each room had a different color and theme, it was awesome. The third and final trip to Madrid was to see El Museo del Prado. El Prado is one of, if not the most important and famous art museum in the world. It possesses pieces of art work created by Goya, Velázquez, El Greco, Rubens, etc. The famous painting “Las Meninas” by Diego Velázquez is located in El Prado. Velázquez is my favorite Spanish artist, so it was really cool for me to see this painting in person. Madrid is a very big city full of history and culture. I really enjoyed all of my days in Madrid.”


“Day one of Madrid is what I enjoyed more than day two, but both were breath taking. Ramon like every other day made each stop better than the other. Day one we went to the Palacio Real which was gorgeous. It’s not the real place the King and Queen live but sometimes they return for meals. Inside we saw 20 rooms each filled with so much color. It was amazing. Day two of Madrid we went to a art museum. We saw many paintings by Gayo which were lovely. Overall, Madrid was gorgeous and breath taking. I definitely would love to go back and see it all again.”



“El Museo del Prado was incredible. I loved seeing all the art work by people we learned about in class. The paintings and sculptures were all so interesting. The most amazing part was seeing my cousin in Spain at the same museum.

The boat rides in Madrid were so cool. The view was gorgeous and paddling the boat was entertaining because it was hard to do. It was awesome to sit with my friends and talk about all of the amazing things we had seen in Madrid.”


“My family and I  went to the stadium of Real Madrid the first time in the city. It’s crazy. That place is literally a museum. No. A shrine. People worship there. The stadium was huge and it was actually really impressive how many trophies that Real Madrid has collected… We literally got so close that we were on the field where the subs sit!! Apparently they have a basketball team too… Who knew? It really crossed the line of creepy when the tour went through the dressing rooms… And even creepier when there was a green screen so it looked like you were taking a picture with one of the players… Ok that was kind of cool. Oh and the gift shop? 3 stories high… 3!!

Our last trip to Madrid, we visited the Prado where we ran into people from Melrose. I’ve never visited a museum as big and impressive as that one. The artwork was beautiful and it’s hard to believe that people actually made them. It was like a maze!!! There were so many rooms. Although the museum was interesting, my favorite part of the day was going on the row boats. I’ve never done that before!! It was fun learning how to row with my friends. Overall, the best rower on my boat was Ada. She got the rhythm down perfectly. When we walked back to the Puerta del sol we were allowed to go shopping. Let’s just say pick pocketing is a real thing and always keep track of your belongings!! Even in a second they can be gone. It was sad being on our last field trip but it was a fun way to end such an amazing trip.”


“On our last day in Madrid we went to Museo del Prado and Parque del Retiro. When in Parque del Retiro we went on row boats and went to the Crystal Palace. Everyone was able to go on rowboats for an hour and then we walked to the crystal palace from the rowboats. The crystal palace was completely windows and one single room.”


“For over 5 years Madrid  had been a place that we read about or heard stories of. Going to Madrid and traveling through Plaza Mayor was surreal; it was like I was walking through the snapshots that I have seen in Spanish textbooks over all these years. Being surrounded by those 4 red walls in Plaza Mayor felt liberating; I was free to explore and see everything I learned occur right before my eyes.”



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  1. Paula rigby March 16, 2015 at 2:05 pm #

    These pictures are fantastic. Thank you for sharing your memories.

    Paula Rigby

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