Wednesday in Toledo 2/22/17

23 Feb

Our last field trip was to Toledo.  Toledo is most famously known for the co-existence between the Christian, Muslim and Jewish cultures.  While in Toledo we got to see the influences of these cultures first hand.  In true Ramón fashion, we ended our trip eating chocolate and having an enormous sing along. “Have you ever seen Ramón, eating jamón?

“In Toledo today, we visited a famous gothic style cathedral and saw some of Greco’s most famous paintings in multiple museums and churches. We also had the opportunity to buy gifts for family and friends, and eat lunch at restaurants for a few hours before continuing to look at some sights. We ended the day by heading to a park outside of one of the museums and performed sing-alongs while eating chocolate before returning home.”


Another field trip, another place filled with beautiful sights. I’m sad that it was our last one and I wish we could have had more time in Spain. My favorite part of today was hearing Ramón voice his thoughts. I feel so lucky to have been a part of this trip.”


“It was very amazing to look over Toledo from the top and see all of the beautiful buildings.”


How sad!
Today was our last field trip in Spain. We visited Toledo, the former capital of Spain, and still one of the most culturally advanced places in Spain we have seen. The city, spread out over a hill, was the subject of a painting we studied last year in Spanish IV: Vista de Toledo. Although we did not get to see the exact point of view, seeing Toledo as a whole is very impressive. The view acted as a great closing of Spain and my trip. It reminded me of my past six years of Spanish class and how much I can now appreciate it.”


My favorite part of Toledo was seeing “El Entierro del Conde de Orgaz” which is depicted by the image above. This is one of the most famous works of El Greco and last year in Spanish IV we studied this, among other works, in great detail. I really enjoyed seeing this painting in person because it was so much bigger than I imagined and I was so excited to see something we discussed so in-depth last year in real life and not just look at it as an image on google images.”

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 4.38.48 PM.png


My favorite part of Toledo was finally seeing the work of El Greco in person. We’ve studied his art in class, but BHS smart boards can hardly provide half the amount of detail of his works. Seeing his massive work in real time left me speechless. I cannot put into words how incredible it was. El Greco painted over 50 extremely detailed faces. He also managed to illustrate a soul entering heaven. I can hardly draw a stick figure, yet I stood before a painting that looked like a surreal photograph.”


Very sad this was the last field trip, and last day with Ramon. I am going to miss him so much! Toledo was exciting. It had many shops and swords. Every store pretty much had swords and tons of jewelry. The cathedral was gorgeous. I also had great chicken wings from McDonalds.”


“In Toledo, we visited a few churches. Ramón showed us a lot of cool details of each church. We got to explore and shop around the city as well. We ended the day by singing in the park together.”


“Toledo was the most beautiful city I have ever seen. It is true, it’s all uphill, but it’s worth the climb.”


Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 4.47.33 PM.png

On Wednesday we travelled to Toledo, an absolutely beautiful city about an hour and a half from where we are. There is some really fascinating history connected to Toledo, and it is most strongly illustrated in the cathedral we visited. The design and artwork are incredible, and it’s so impressive how despite lacking the technology that we have today, past people were able to create such magnificent structures.”

-Laura F.

Today we went to Toledo. The entire city is on a hill so you are constantly walking either uphill or downhill. The church we saw was so beautiful. Today was our last field trip with Ramon which made me sad. He’s such a good human and I hope maybe one day I could see him again.”




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    … such a wonderfully and professionally made blog….. it was so interesting to read each day…

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      Bienvenudos, profesoras y alumnos…..

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