Our first day!

10 Feb

After a long day of traveling, we arrived safely and with all of our luggage!  Upon arrival to the school, we had some snacks and off the students went to their houses to eat lunch and meet the rest of their family.

Today our students experienced their first day of school in Spain!  We started off our day with very funny stories and they had a lot of stories to share.  Some students couldn’t get over the fact that milk is taken warm in the morning, we realized that every member of the  De Sousa family got the entire floor wet after showering, and many stories of family dinner full of charades to navigate conversation

The catchphrase RIP wifi took on an entire new meaning when they realized even if they were connected to the wifi, nothing worked! Luckily, we brought our very own tech person, and within an hour we had our own Burlington network at school.  Our students were also amazed at the difference in classes, but more on that when our students post after the weekend.

On Sunday we are off to a soccer match to watch Atlético Madrid vs. Celta Vigo.  For those of you wondering, in Madrid there are two professional soccer teams, Real Madrid and Atlético.  Atlético is to Real Madrid what the Mets are to the Yankees.

¡Hasta pronto!





2 Responses to “Our first day!”

  1. mmesra February 12, 2017 at 12:02 pm #

    í Es lindo !

  2. kathleen haded February 22, 2017 at 6:09 pm #

    Can not wait to hear all the stories!!! What a wonderful experience with wonderful people!!
    Thank you for sharing all the events!! love seeing all the photos, a big thank you to our wonderful chaperones.

    Kathleen Haded

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